ARMD-Bearing sliding bearing analysis

ARMD-Bearing sliding bearing analysis

Provide customers with an advanced and complete sliding bearing analysis tool.

ABOUT software

ARMD software is a new generation of rotor-bearing system dynamics analysis software developed by the US RBTS company. The sliding bearing analysis software package ARMD-BEARINGS provides customers with an advanced and complete sliding bearing analysis tool.

The bearing configuration can be evaluated through various modules.

The temperature field of bearing lubricating oil under working conditions can be automatically calculated.

Sliding bearing modules (JURNBR, HYBCBR, TILTBR and THRSBR) combine one-dimensional analysis or look-up table methods to solve two-dimensional lubrication problems and eliminate approximate values.

Under laminar flow and turbulent flow, complete prediction of dynamic pressure, static pressure and mixed dynamic and static pressure radial sliding and thrust bearing performance, and produce such as cavitation, misalignment, pressure boundary or pressure groove, structural deformation, custom The lubricating fluid feed line (JURNBR) under pressure or restrictor conditions (capillary, orifice, or throttle) is simulated.

The calculation results produced by the plain bearing module include

• Bearing pressure / journal position • Azimuth • Viscosity loss • Restoring torque • Flow requirements • Stability (bearing whirl) • Damping coefficient • Clearance and pressure distribution • Tank pressure and flow • Thermal balance and temperature rise

Fixed shoe sliding bearing, tilting shoe sliding bearing, thrust sliding bearing and ball bearing.

The main function

ARMD – Bearing sliding Bearing analysis is a new generation of rotor – Bearing system dynamics analysis software. Main function modules are as follows:

JURNBR module (fixed tile cylindrical radial sliding bearing)

HYBCBR module (fixed interface cone)

TILTBR module (Tiltable bearing radial sliding)

Axial vibration calculation module

Lubrication performance calculation